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5 Ways to Decorate Your Fence This Holiday Season

Nothing screams holiday cheer like a dazzling front yard display, and a great way to command attention to your home is through fence decor.

Most families put tons of time and energy into decorating outdoor trees and light displays, often ignoring their fences. Lighting up your fence is a great way to make an ordinarily monotonous object become part of your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or New Year outdoor ensemble.

As fence experts, we think about this constantly and wish more people invested in sprucing up this under-appreciated property feature, bringing it to life with holiday cheer. Here are a few of our favourite decorated fence ideas that will make your holiday home stand out among your neighbours!

#1: Make It Part of Your Theme

Most people think a fence isn’t worth decorating because it’s functional; it doesn’t have the same aesthetic appeal as trees or a beautifully painted door. However, it can easily blend into your front yard holiday décor if you incorporate it into a theme.

You can do this by making your fence a backdrop for a display. If you have a nativity theme, hang a backdrop against your fence and place your Bible characters against it. If you want to involve the whole family, encourage your kids to get creative and create a hand-painted backdrop. Disney characters, such as those from Frozen, have become a favourite winter theme.

#2: Work with the Material

Fun decorations can easily cover all kinds of fencing, particularly vinyl.

Have a few too many wreaths? Consider hanging them against your fence. Your neighbours will be drawn to the decoration and not the fence itself.

String lights through the fencing to illuminate the entire property. Oasis vinyl fencing makes it easy to attach lights and accessories because of the various holes and points. You can make it a fun family activity!

#3: Incorporate Dusty Décor

Every family has a few holiday decorations that they pull out of the attic every year, but they can’t find a place for in their home. These may include flags, tree ornaments, or small toys no longer used. Consider hanging some of these on your fence! You might realize that these dusty decorations are perfect for your outdoor display.

#4: Illuminate Your Design

Once you’ve decorated your fence, you might realize that string lights aren’t enough to highlight your hard work. Purchase clip lights or floor lights to place below so that your display is fully lit up.

#5: Have Fun!

Think of your fence not as something in the way but something to enhance. Suddenly, you’ll start thinking up a lot of fun, unique ways to incorporate your fence.

CAN Supply Wholesale is your expert fence provider, and we have other great ideas about how to spruce up your property for any time of the year. Contact us now for more about our vinyl fences, or call us directly at 1-844-932-2680!

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