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How to Install Aluminum Railing Systems in Three Easy Steps

An aluminum railing installation on your deck might seem like one of the more daunting ideas for a home project, but it’s a lot easier than most people think. All you need are basic tools, some attention to detail and the right aluminum railing system. This guide will explain what you will need and provide […]

How Expensive is Artificial Grass?

The merits of artificial grass are well known. It provides a maintenance-free lawn solution because it doesn’t need to be watered or weeded, and it looks great all year round! But many people choose to keep natural grass on their property (and all the time-consuming maintenance that comes with it) because they are concerned about […]

How to Clean Aluminum Balcony Railings

Aluminum balcony railings are visually striking and give any balcony a sharp finishing touch. Primarily for their visual appeal, but also for many other reasons, modular aluminum railings have become the railing system of choice in recent years. For home owners and business owners alike, aluminum railings are a dream because they are affordable, long […]

How to Install Artificial Grass: A Do-It-Yourself Guide

If you own property, whether it’s your own personal residential property or something commercial, nothing is more satisfying than driving up and seeing a beautiful, green, well-manicured lawn. However, as most homeowners know, lawn care and maintenance can be time consuming and expensive over the long term. Sure it can be fun to mow the […]

PVC Fencing vs. Wood: Which is Right for your Project?

A fence can enhance your home, beautify your yard and safeguard your children and pets; choosing the right materials for this important feature ensures you get a lasting, attractive fence you will benefit from for years to come. You have several choices when it comes to your home fencing; the primary options are PVC or […]

How To Prepare Your Backyard For Practical Fence Installation

Fences add a great finishing touch to your property, along with many practical advantages, such as safety and security. An old fence can turn a stately home in an outdated and rundown property; a brand-new fence sends a welcoming message to passersby and adds value to your home. Now that you have decided to install […]

3 Simple Solutions for Cleaning Your PVC Fence

PVC fences are an excellent choice when you’re looking for an attractive addition to your property. They come in many styles to choose from, and they can be built to fit your property. But one of the best things about a PVC fence is how easy they are to clean! Below are three simple solutions […]

How to Maintain Your Fence Against Canada’s Harsh Winter

Here in Canada, the snow really piles up, and everything outside is susceptible to wear and tear, including your fence. If your fence becomes damaged, there are a few repairs you can tackle yourself. Wooden Fence Repairs Wooden fences are charming, but they require frequent repairs. Over time, they can become unstable and are susceptible to […]

5 Ways to Decorate Your Fence This Holiday Season

Nothing screams holiday cheer like a dazzling front yard display, and a great way to command attention to your home is through fence decor. Most families put tons of time and energy into decorating outdoor trees and light displays, often ignoring their fences. Lighting up your fence is a great way to make an ordinarily […]

Four Reasons to Opt for a Vinyl Fence

Homeowners love wood fences because of their traditional appeal, but they aren’t long-lasting. The same can be said for bamboo fences that can’t take the cold. When choosing a fence, you need to keep the weather and climate in mind. At CAN Supply Wholesale, our mission is to ensure that our fences are built to […]

Should You Hire a Fence Contractor or Go the DIY Route?

Many homeowners consider fence installation a do-it-yourself project. You lay out the fence lines, dig holes, pour cement, set posts, set boards, and there you go! Or, so you think. Installing a fence is not always an easy job for people who are unfamiliar with the procedures. It can be far more time-consuming and complicated […]

4 Famous Fences and their Importance on Human Interactions

Fences have more purpose and meaning than you think. They’ve played a pivotal role in classic literature, films, and TV shows where they were either an important prop that moved the plot forward or symbolic of a major theme. While we may pass our neighbour’s fence without giving it a thought, these famous props demonstrate that […]

Top Seven Fence-Loving Plants for Plant Hardiness Zone 3

Having a perimeter fence in your backyard offers so many design possibilities. Rather than your fence being a barrier, you can use it as part of your garden landscape. If you live in and around Saskatoon, here are the top seven plants for zone 3 that will look great next to your fence. #1: Honeysuckle […]

Top Tips on How to Make Your Yard Stand Out

A dynamic and visually appealing front yard boosts your property’s curb appeal and makes for an inviting entrance to the rest of your home. Your yard is people’s first impression of your space and frames their perspective when they view the rest of your property. By taking care of your space, you will not only […]

Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

Benefits of Vinyl FencingVinyl fencing has become a popular fencing option for both residential and commercial properties. The material is synthetically created by combining ethylene and chlorine, producing a highly durable plastic as a result. Invented in 1920, vinyl is most often used in the construction industry as a flooring and siding option. From the […]