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Have you been toying with the idea of installing a fence in your backyard, but you aren’t sure where to start looking, who to hire, or how much it costs, we’ve compiled a list of answers to some of your most popular questions. How Much Does Installation Cost? That’s difficult to answer with any accuracy. […]

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Here in Canada, the snow really piles up, and everything outside is susceptible to wear and tear, including your fence. If your fence becomes damaged, there are a few repairs you can tackle yourself. Wooden Fence Repairs Wooden fences are charming, but they require frequent repairs. Over time, they can become unstable and are susceptible to […]

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Nothing screams holiday cheer like a dazzling front yard display, and a great way to command attention to your home is through fence decor. Most families put tons of time and energy into decorating outdoor trees and light displays, often ignoring their fences. Lighting up your fence is a great way to make an ordinarily […]

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