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Homeland Vinyl Products

CAN Supply Wholesale Ltd. is proud to be a distributor for Homeland Vinyl products in Saskatchewan. Homeland Vinyl Products, Inc. creates a wide range of high quality residential and commercial vinyl products including vinyl fence, vinyl deck, vinyl railing, and specialty products. Our products provide unparalleled longevity and ease of maintenance that customers will enjoy for years to come.

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Homeland Vinyl Fencing

All the beauty of natural wood, without rotting • cracking • peeling or splintering!

Why Vinyl Over Wood?

Homeland® manufactures the toughest PVC profiles with the most advanced UV protection under the sun, our ACCU-Shield® formulation.

ACCU-Shield is our protective outer layer engineered to significantly reduce oxidation and
the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Even in harsh climates, ACCU-Shield protects the color and sheen of our products for a longer period of time. Simply put, there is no better protection under the sun than ACCU-Shield.

  • Stain resistant
  • Split resistant
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Impervious to moisture and insects

Colors include: Honey Maple, Mocha Walnut, Green Teak and Earl Gray

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Gorilla Deck® G3

Engineered for Strength and Beauty

Add a deck or resurface an old on with Gorilla Deck.

  • Gorilla Deck®,  is designed with new technology. A patented (Patent #6,324,796) interlocking design, that, when properly installed, will channel water off at the ends of the deck to help prevent water from traveling between deck boards, keeping the area under the deck drier.
  • Gorilla Decks G3’s low profile plank design (1-1/4”)
    makes it ideal for retrofitting existing wood decks.
  • Each plank measures six inches wide – similar to
    wood – and comes in lengths of 16, 20 and 24 feet.
  • Its low profile and unique interlocking design make
    Gorilla Deck G3 one of the easiest and fastest
    decks on the market to install.

Click here to download Gorilla Deck Brochure

Homeland Vinyl Fencing

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Gorilla Deck

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