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Post drivers are essential for finishing your fencing projects. Our post drivers save you valuable time and energy during your fence building. They provide dependable and constant power wherever you go. At a comfortable 40 lbs, the Honda gas-powered post driver delivers an impressive 1,720 blows per minute, making your fence installation much easier to accomplish under your project deadline. You’ll instantly feel the power of the system, which can drive your fence posts into position in just a fraction of the time.

Before post drivers, manual post pounders and sledgehammers were used by contractors, farmers, and ranchers. While these manual systems are still in use today, nothing beats the efficiency of a post driver. Build fences over a variety of challenging terrains with a system that is highly adaptable for use with steel, fibreglass, and wood posts.

Whether you’re building the perimeter of a new dog park, partitioning land, or installing residential fencing, our gas-powered drivers save you more time and human resources to tackle other parts of your building project. We stand by this lightweight Honda gas-powered GX35 engine, which meets the strictest worldwide emission and noise requirements. This model features a pull-start system and trigger throttle with an integrated stop button.

Looking to upgrade your fencing equipment with time and labour-saving devices? Test out the Honda GX35 post driver from CAN Supply Wholesale. Contact us today for pricing!

Post Driver Specs


Honda Gas powered 4 stroke GX35 engine
Adapters available: 60-78, 46-62, 20-45 mm


  • Honda gas-powered GX35 engine includes engine guard
  • Adapters available: 60-78, 46-62, 20-45 mm
  • Blows per minute: 1720
  • Joules: 26J/40J/50J
  • KW 1.0 (1.3HP) at 7,000 rpm
  • 4-stroke, 36cc engine
  • 1.5 (2HP) at 7,000 rpm
  • Trigger throttle with integrated stop button
  • Spring-isolated hand grips
  • Vibration levels: m/s2 9.94 (data from10mm–52mm diameter wooden post/metal stake)
  • Fuel consumption: 0.65 L/h at 7,000 rpm
  • Meets strictest worldwide emission and noise requirements
  • Starting system: recoil (pull start)
  • Rating: Continuous use on standard posts
  • Noise level: >90dB (hearing protection required)
  • T-drive
  • Post driver warranty: 1-year parts failure by Honda
  • Weight: 40lbs (80mm version)

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