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Aluminum Railing

Aluminum Railings A Smart Choice for Homeowners; Know the Advantages!

Upgrade your railing game with aluminum railings! They are easy to install, durable, affordable, low maintenance & aesthetically pleasing. Explore the benefits of aluminum railings and choose the perfect fit for your needs.

Easy to Install

Aluminum railings have never been easier to install! With user-friendly kits designed by manufacturers, any homeowner can set them up using basic tools like a saw, drill, tape measure, level, and rubber mallet. You’ll have everything you need, including posts and screws, to install your railing in no time!


Aluminum railings are the ultimate solution for your railing needs. Unlike other railings, they can withstand any weather condition, be it snow, ice, rain, or sun exposure.

Compared to other railing options, aluminum railings offer unmatched strength and resilience. They won’t crack or splinter like wood, discolor or fade over time like composite, or require additional post inserts to meet codes like vinyl. With aluminum railings you get the best of both worlds – durability & style.


Value-for-Money, Yes modular aluminum railings are affordable & a smart investment for long-term savings. Invest in durable & affordable aluminum railings that offer numerous benefits.

Low Maintenance

Thanks to their inherent strength, aluminum railings require minimal upkeep to stay in top-notch condition. Most aluminum railings are equipped with a long-lasting powder-coat finish that won’t crack, chip or peel, freeing you from the hassle of constant repairs. Plus, you’ll only need to give them a quick clean once a year or twice if they’re near a pool or the ocean.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Elevate Your Home’s Style with Beautiful Aluminum Railings. Who says safety can’t be stylish? With aluminum railings, you can have both! Choose from various colors and designs to match your taste and home’s character. Not only will your railing provide necessary safety, but it will also enhance your property’s overall aesthetic appeal. So, let your home shine with beautiful aluminum railings.

Discover the remarkable perks of aluminum railings and make a smart choice for your railing needs. At CAN Supply Wholesale (CSW), we believe in providing railings that will last for years to come. That’s why we offer an extensive array of railing products featuring a fantastic selection of aluminum railings.

Aluminum Railing Systems

High-Performance Aluminum Railing Systems

CAN Supply Wholesale brings the best modular Aluminium railing with a fully DIY system and fantastic quality. Our aluminum railing systems are manufactured with unmatched quality as we use T6 aluminum for proving enhanced durability.

A 42-inch railing is our standard height, but we can manufacture 72-inch or 60-inch posts to create privacy walls or wind walls.

In accordance with the National Building Code of Canada, CSW’s picket and glass aluminum railing systems are code-compliant. An independent laboratory professionally tests our aluminum railing systems to ensure that they meet all Canadian safety requirements and are stamped with an engineering seal of approval. CSW provides test results upon request. AAMA 2603 standards are met by the powder coating we apply to our DIY aluminum railing systems.

Multi-generational homes often have aluminum railing systems, so the elderly can feel safe while walking around the property, and the parents can be assured their children won’t get hurt.

Aluminum Railing

Aluminum Railing

Aluminum railings are also advantageous since they won’t corrode over time, even when exposed to harsh weather. You won’t have to worry about splinters or rust when you grasp the deck railing next time.

You can easily get the best Aluminum railing at the lowest possible prices here at CAN Supply Wholesale. So what are you waiting for? Just give us a call and give your home a whole new style and security.