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Temporary Construction Fence; How to choose them?

Any construction site is a source of danger both for the workers on it and for passers-by. In addition to building materials that can fall from a great height at any time, various power tools and construction equipment pose a threat. Therefore, ensuring safety on construction sites is one of the most important conditions. Temporary construction fences are specifically for protecting workers and people passing by the object being installed. We will tell you more about them in this article. CAN Supply Wholesale offers temporary construction fencing that is built to last even after it’s needed. Because of its braces, our security fencing remains standing in strong winds.

How to choose a Temporary Construction Fence?

The fact that the fence should be properly & firmly assembled was figured out. And the most important thing remains – to decide which fence is best suited for a particular object.
There are a few main criteria that you need to focus on when selecting.

  • Place of work: The construction site location is one of the main factors to consider when choosing a safety fence. Objects under construction or restoration in the city center or on a busy street need especially reliable fences. That will not only prevent accidental penetration of outsiders into the territory but also protect residents of surrounding houses from the noise of construction equipment. These can be fences made of concrete or metal profile. Objects in the suburbs or rural areas, where there are no random passers-by, can be fenced with mesh fences.
  • Parameters of the object: Depending on the scale of the construction, you need fences of different quality and materials. For small buildings or repair earthworks, mobile mesh fences may be sufficient. For private or multi-story houses – temporary construction fences are made of metal mesh or profiled sheets, wood, or plastic.
  • Features of the work: When carrying out reconstruction, in addition to fencing, a protective net is also needed, which will prevent the fall of building materials on workers and passers-by? And when building an object from scratch, you can usually limit yourself to a standard fence.
  • External conditions: If the object under construction or reconstruction is located away from the protective fence, then visors may not be needed. But if the building is located almost at the fence, then you cannot do without canopies, because you need to ensure the safety of passers-by and passing cars. It is also important to take into account the timing of the work – if they do not last long, then it makes no sense to install heavy and difficult to install concrete fences – a mesh metal fence will be quite enough. It can be quickly assembled and disassembled and then reused.
  • Estimate: Concrete fences are the most expensive and metal mesh fences are more budgetary. But it is important to pay attention to the quality and reliability of the resulting fences. The best option is fences made of metal mesh, which have a relatively low cost, but at the same time outstanding strength characteristics.
  • Temporary Construction fences are of high quality and reliability – they endure the effects of rain & wind & also do not accumulate snow and ice on the surface. Such fences are quickly installed with the involvement of a minimum number of workers & are also easily dismantled and can be reused an unlimited number of times. You can order them on our website or through managers by phone at the top of the page.

Remember about safety on the construction site and choose the right and reliable safety fences!

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