The Right Aluminum Railing System for Your Property

CAN Supply Wholesale (CSW) ideally delivers the best T6 aluminum railing system that ensures durability and low maintenance on it. These are the self-assembled aluminum railing system. Our railing system not only meets the safety parameters but also elevates the visual appeal. Aluminum railings are being considered by most homeowners due to their lightweight and resistance to corrosion properties.

At CSW the standard height of aluminum railings is 42 inches. However, we also produce 60-inch and 72-inch high posts to cater to the customer’s needs and withstand wind pressure.

Furthermore, our picket and glass aluminum railing systems have been classified as “Patent” and meet all the criteria of being code-compliant with the National Building Code of Canada.

It guarantees you the most reliable aluminum railings that meet all Canadian safety protocols and are tested in independent laboratories with an engineering seal. You can avail of the test results upon request.

Being the leading and renowned aluminum railing manufacturers in Ontario, we stand out with our durable and high-density powder coating finish which adheres to AAMA 2603 standards.

What Is Powder Coating And How It Works?

In simple words, powder coatings are dried polymer resins with pigment particles. It is applied electrostatically and then cured under heat. Scientifically, in an electrostatic field, the powdered particles are positively charged and the aluminum surface is negatively charged. Eventually, both attract each other and coat the aluminum evenly all around.

This method exceptionally makes the whole aluminum railing system resistant to corrosion and it is said to be maintenance-free for more than 20 years without losing its luster. The best part of powder coating is that it never peels, unlike paint coating.

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Aluminum Deck Railings

Our aluminum deck railings are available in both frame and frameless designs. Both these designs are made of robust deck rails that can last up to many years without any maintenance. Flaunt your deck rails, both at your home and commercial establishments.

It adds a touch of sophistication and style. It is a wise investment for which you can get the best returns in the long run. As it withstands harsh weather conditions and is incredibly resistant to corrosion.

Glass Railings

Glass deck railings are the most widely used deck railing that exhibits style and status. Homeowners prefer to choose these rails as their aesthetic appeal and low maintenance cost make them the choicest option. The best part is the glass railings allow natural lights to pass through which makes the space look vibrant with an inviting atmosphere.

Picket Railings

Picket railings are basically a type of railing system where the pickets are arranged in a few architectural designs to provide safety and security to the property.  These railings can be designed in various modern and traditional decorative styles.

Above all, it’s your choice to choose any of our railing systems but it’s our promise we will provide you with the best of our services. Our CSW representative will assist you with any of your queries and give you a proper insight into our product and services.


We supply all kinds of self-assembled and low-maintenance fencing products. We will provide you with all types of safety fencing, deck railings, picket railings, and aluminum railings in Saskatchewan

We are here to provide a hassle-free solution and revamp your deck backyard or any of your business into a visually appealing property.

Do you want the best and most affordable railing in the market? Well, contact us today and start your project immediately.

Whether you’re renovating your deck for backyard get-togethers or you’re updating your business’s look, CSW has the perfect aluminum deck railing for you. Our high-quality products will improve your business, including:

  • Private Clubs
  • Golf Clubs
  • Ski Resorts
  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Hotels
  • Community Pools

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