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Are PVC Fence and Vinyl Fence the Same Thing?

Many people often confuse PVC with a vinyl fence. The answer to this question is yes, but they are not wholly the same. If you want to get a clear idea, it is essential to know that Vinyl and PVC are two different materials with unique chemical properties.

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PVC is a renowned vinyl type mostly used in construction sites. The expansion of PVC is Polyvinyl Chloride, and you have to splurge more on this material. In Vinyl fences, PVC plays a vital role along with other ingredients like Polyvinyl acetate. It is the reason people are perplexed in deciding between PVC and vinyl fence. In a nutshell, Vinyl fences infuse more elements along with PVC.

Get to know more about the PVC fences

Vinyl fences are manufactured using similar chemicals, but they are not the same products as the quality varies based on the components instilled in the fences.

If you want to purchase high-quality fences, it is essential to buy a trustworthy manufacturer’s fences. Customers prefer vinyl and PVC fencing over wood fencing due to the durability. You can modify the fences to look like wood without any decaying.

The fencing industry is based on Vinyl and PVC fences, as they are better than wood fencing. To paint the fence, a unique paint is used. If you are ready to invest in fencing, it is better to procure research.

Everyone desires to have an astounding front and back yard with the money they splurge, and a PVC vinyl fence is an ideal choice. Vinyl fencing leads the industry as most customers prefer it. Moreover, the vinyl fences are available in white, making it easier to fabricate the fencing as per the customer’s needs.


There are numerous benefits to using the PVC vinyl fence, as it is durable. The fence will not rot or warp easily and clean up the clutter effortlessly. Simple maintenance and endurance make the PVC vinyl fence reliable and desirable. Investing in PVC or vinyl fence is a permanent and beautiful solution. All you have to do is, give us a call at 1.844.932.2680 and we can provide the best PVC and vinyl fencing for you. Fencing completes your home. Ensure that you choose an appealing yet protective material that lasts for a long time. Contact a trustworthy manufacturer to buy a better vinyl fence.

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Choosing the Right Fence for the Right Purpose

Are you planning to add a fence to your yard? Select the right material without compromising on the style. It might take some time to find the proper fencing, but the time spending on research for your fence is beneficial. The first and foremost thing you have to consider is the requirements. By noticing your needs, you can do the fencing successfully. Here are some reasons that you might consider.

Appealing design 

A home is something we’d love to design and enhance whenever we can. Being a crucial part of the house, the fence is essential to improvise your home’s look. There are different styles and color choices from which you select the right one. Moreover, there are no limits in choosing your fence as well.

Security concerns 

A fence is devised for additional security as it keeps reminding you that you are safe. A fence with some unique embellishments can keep the children in your yard and keep unnecessary visitors at bay.

For your pet’s protection 

If you have a pet, especially dogs, it is essential to keep it safe in your yard. While choosing the fence, you need to analyze the dog’s jumping capability and other factors.


A private fence will let you have outdoor space in solitude, and you relish every day by reducing the visibility of yards to people.

Cost matters 

Your budget plays a crucial role in choosing the right fence for your yard. However, there are numerous factors like privacy, safety, appeal, and more; budget always comes first. If you don’t have any ideas about the budget, check out the requirements, and everything will fall in place. From wood to vinyl fence, you can choose the material based on your cost. But at the same time maintenance of wood fences can be expensive and frequent, whereas vinyl fences have their advantages over wood fences. The vinyl fences last forever, are not damaged easily and the maintenance cost is almost zero.


These four critical factors will let you choose the fence for the required purpose. Above all, the manufacturer you select is also important. It would be better to get the fence installed by a trustworthy contractor. You might think of fencing on your own, but it is better to seek professional help, as they will have the right tools to install fabulous fencing.


5 Things to Consider When Buying a Pergola

A pergola is something that remains an aesthetic addition to your house’s exterior. Your outdoor space will be more welcoming to visitors and remains a place for some deep conversations. It is a place to enjoy the beauty of nature. A ray of warm sunshine in the early hours and the tiny droplets of water from melting snow are some of the beautiful moments that you shouldn’t miss out on. To check them out, you can have a beautiful pergola. Here are the five crucial factors that influence your decision to choose the right pergola for your outdoor space.

#1. Choose the right materials 

If you admired the pergolas in your friend’s outdoor space, you would have noticed one thing. Most of the pergolas will exude a wooden finish, but the truth is, pergolas are also made of vinyl, and you can choose the right material. Unlike vinyl pergola, wood pergolas require more attention and maintenance.

#2.Select pergola based on the size 

The pergola’s size is another essential detail you have to consider. When you choose a bigger pergola, it will give more space and shade. To select your pergola size, you might have to check certain aspects like your home’s size.

#3. Choose the location you like 

It is essential to select a place for a pergola in your outdoor space. In most houses, it embellishes the whole garden. However, the choice is yours, and you can choose the right spot.


When choosing the pergola’s look, ensure that the pergola is functional. You can either go for a classic look or a contemporary design that complements your outdoor space. Before you buy, take a look at the different pergola designs available to choose the right one.

#5.Your budget

Each and every aspect that is mentioned above will impact the cost of the pergola. From material to style, the smallest feature can necessitate you to splurge more. Before you select the features, quote a nominal budget so that you can increase a little bit when you find the right pergola.


You have to consider these five factors before buying the best pergola for your home. A pergola can enhance the look of your exterior, so choose wisely. Also, ensure the pergolas can stand the test of time so that you can relish the rest of your life without worrying about replacing them.


How to Install Aluminum Railing Systems in Three Easy Steps

An aluminum railing installation on your deck might seem like one of the more daunting ideas for a home project, but it’s a lot easier than most people think. All you need are basic tools, some attention to detail and the right aluminum railing system.

This guide will explain what you will need and provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to install aluminum railing systems in just three simple steps.


Aluminum Railing Systems



The first and most important part of the process is finding the right aluminum railing system for your deck. Before finalizing your decision, make sure the DIY aluminum railing system you choose meets all the relevant safety regulations in your jurisdiction. Also, you should look for a system that comes with a high-quality powder coating for longevity and durability.

Once you find a system that meets these essential criteria, make sure to familiarize yourself with any local regulations concerning deck railing height. The required rail height generally varies according to how far the deck is from the ground so it is wise to double check the required railing height for deck projects in your area.





Most people will already have most of the basic tools required for an aluminum railing installation, with the possible exception of the right saw, which you will be able to rent from your local  hardware store.

To install an aluminum railing, you will need the following:

  • Mitre saw (also known as a chop saw), power cord and work table
  • Non-ferrous aluminum cutting blade (very important!)
  • Square
  • Level
  • Cordless drill, wood bits & hex-head bit for lag screws
  • Tape Measure & marker
  • Metal file
  • Hammer
  • Pliers, wrenches, socket set, screwdrivers
  • Composite shims
  • Chisel (to tidy composite shim edges)
  • Clamps


Deck Railing Installation Instructions


Step 1 – Install Posts

Start by identifying where you will place the posts. Using your marker and tape measure, place markings for each post one to two inches away from the edge of your deck. Hold each post in place with one or two loose fasteners for the time being. Remember that posts should not be more than six feet apart.

Step 2 – Install Railings

Start by measuring the distance between the posts and cut top railings half an inch shorter than this measurement. Slide the cut railing sections into the top brackets. Using your level and shims, make sure that all posts are square before installing the remaining fasteners and tightening them. After the fasteners have been installed, double check that all the posts are level and square before continuing.

Follow the same procedure to install the bottom railings.  After all the railings have been installed, inspect each one to make sure you did not forget any screws along the way.

Step 3 – Install Glass

Required components:

  • Glass vinyl insert  gaskets
  • Rubber blocks
  • Tempered glass panels


Using the measurements taken for your railings, cut the glass vinyl insert gaskets to the same length and fit them inside the railings. Place rubber blocks in each end of the bottom rail, a few inches from the edge. Install the glass by sliding it into the top rail first before guiding it into the bottom railing.  Repeat this procedure for each section.

Congratulations! Your installation project is complete!


Consult Before Installation



These instructions on how to install aluminum deck railing systems  are meant to serve as guidelines and provide ideas to help you find your way through your next railing installation project. 


Before starting any kind of installation, make sure to raise your questions or concerns with a railing manufacturer representative to get detailed instructions on how to handle the particular circumstances and details of your project.

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How Expensive is Artificial Grass?

The merits of artificial grass are well known. It provides a maintenance-free lawn solution because it doesn’t need to be watered or weeded, and it looks great all year round! But many people choose to keep natural grass on their property (and all the time-consuming maintenance that comes with it) because they are concerned about the cost of installing synthetic grass.

However, although few people realize it, the truth is that once you factor in all the costs in terms of time, labour and money, having an artificial lawn installed at your home could cost you far less than a natural lawn and be the source of major savings over time.


A Natural or Synthetic Lawn?

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To see how artificial grass can save on your household expenses, let’s take a look at a hypothetical situation and account for all the associated costs.

Say, for example, you are about to move into a newly built home with a 600 square foot yard and you have the choice to install artificial grass or real grass. Which will cost more?


Natural Grass Cost

Natural grass incurs the one-time cost of installation, as well as a lifetime of upkeep and maintenance afterward. The cost of landscaping, top soil and sod for a new construction can quickly escalate. 

For the sake of this example, we will say that everything goes smoothly and is installed for $1,200. Add to that the cost of the sprinkler system, that could easily run $1,800, which means you have already reached the $3,000-mark and you have yet to mow the lawn!

Take the cost of a lawn mower, some lawn care products like fertilizer and weed killer, as well as the time you have to put in to cut the grass every week, and it all quickly adds up to an annual figure in the $1,000 ballpark. 

And these costs only increase per square foot. The larger your yard, the more time and effort it will take to maintain. If we look 10 years ahead, the installation and maintenance costs of your lawn could easily add up to be $13,000 or more!


Artificial Grass Cost

The beauty of artificial turf is in its simplicity. Installation is the only cost you ever have to worry about.

For our example, we will go with an EZ-Grass synthetic lawn. Covering a 600 square foot yard in this industry-leading artificial grass would cost roughly $6,000 with installation.  Materials through CAN Supply Wholesale would be about $2000 depending on the grass purchased. 

But that’s all you will ever have to pay to have a great looking lawn. The absence of maintenance or upkeep needs will help you save on your monthly budget, and you won’t have to spend time pulling weeds or bagging grass cuttings. No more sore lower backs!

While the up-front costs are a bit steeper, when you factor everything else in and look at the long-run costs, it turns out to be far cheaper than natural grass! With synthetic grass, you will reach the break-even point in less than five years and make major savings within a decade. 

Because fake grass is so durable, yours could last 15 or 20 years before it needs to be replaced. The potential savings over that time period could buy you a new car!


Save Time and Money

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When all the factors that go into artificial grass cost are taken into consideration, synthetic turf is, in fact, significantly cheaper per square foot than natural grass over time. And as an investment in your home’s curb appeal, it may be such a selling point to any potential buyer that you might even be able to up the asking price! Artificial turf installs easily and looks great for years, and all without any sort of upkeep.


Do your future self a favour and get one installed today, or call us to discuss the details of delivery and installation.

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How to Clean Aluminum Balcony Railings

Aluminum balcony railings are visually striking and give any balcony a sharp finishing touch. Primarily for their visual appeal, but also for many other reasons, modular aluminum railings have become the railing system of choice in recent years.

For home owners and business owners alike, aluminum railings are a dream because they are affordable, long lasting, low-maintenance and look great. However, while they are durable, exposure to the elements and local environment inevitably leads to some dirt build up. Fortunately, cleaning an aluminum railing system is quite easy and can be accomplished with common, household products!

This short guide will give you some tips and tricks to clean aluminum balcony railings to keep them looking as good as new.


General Maintenance

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Although aluminum railing systems require so little maintenance that most people consider them to be practically maintenance free, there are a few things you can do to keep them at their best.

Regularly inspecting your railing is the first step towards good maintenance. Because they are sleek yet robust, aluminum railing systems rarely have issues and usually maintain their look well so stains or damage will be highly visible. If you notice stains from things like tree sap or bugs, be sure to remove them promptly because once they receive too much sun exposure, they will be much more difficult to remove.




Keeping aluminum railings clean is easier than most people realize. Because of the material’s natural properties, cleaning an aluminum railing twice per year is usually enough to keep it looking great. If you live in an area near a body of salt water or somewhere with significant environmental pollution, such as commonly found near industrial areas, more frequent cleanings are recommended.

When it comes time to clean your aluminum railings, use a soft sponge with a mild soap and water for the best results. Remember to rinse the railings thoroughly with clean water after cleaning to remove any residual soap.

Avoid using anything that could scratch or gouge the surface, like steel wool or scouring pads, and be sure to steer clear of solvents and harsh chemicals. If you decide to use something other than soap and water for cleaning, test the product you intend to use on a small, inconspicuous area first to make sure it won’t cause damage or discoloration.


Powder Coating

Many aluminum products are finished with a powder coating, which is what helps make them so durable. But this coating can appear discoloured through its natural aging process, and a chalk-like residue can form on the surface over time. Fortunately, restoring your railings to their original look is easy. Simply use a non-abrasive cleaning product on a soft sponge to wash it away before polishing.


Easy Upkeep

As you can see, aluminum railing systems have earned their reputation as great looking and long lasting safety solutions for decks and balconies of all kinds. All you need to keep them looking their best is a bit of attention and some household products for an occasional cleaning. It really is that simple!

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How to Install Artificial Grass: A Do-It-Yourself Guide

If you own property, whether it’s your own personal residential property or something commercial, nothing is more satisfying than driving up and seeing a beautiful, green, well-manicured lawn. However, as most homeowners know, lawn care and maintenance can be time consuming and expensive over the long term.

Sure it can be fun to mow the grass on a sunny Saturday, but every Saturday for life? Maybe not. There are always issues to deal with, such as pesky weeds, the chemicals needed to eliminate them with, dry or discolored patches to fix, and tools to buy. And of course you have to carve out the time to get it all done.

Some people opt for an easier solution: artificial grass and astroturf!

There are plenty of reasons to install artificial grass or lay artificial turf. It reduces your long-term costs, provides you with beautiful green grass all year, doesn’t dry out, is allergy-free,  and it’s also versatile and long-lasting. You can even put in that practice putting green, you’ve always wanted!

For a few tips on how to install artificial grass at your home or place of business, you’re in the right place. Below is a handy guide that will give you all you need to know about the installation of this lush, durable and environmentally friendly alternative to regular grass.

Tool Check

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First thing’s first. Unless you want to hire experts to install the grass you’ve purchased, you’ll need to make sure you have the right tools to get the job done. The tools you’ll need will depend on the size of the job. Many of the following tools can be rented or purchased at any hardware store.

  • Hand roller or plate tamp
  • Shovel, Hoe, Tiller or Sod Cutter  
  • Crushed stone
  • Vibratory or roller compactor  
  • Seam scrim or adhesive floor tape
  • Commercial‐grade adhesive
  • Chalk‐line (or spray paint)
  • Scissors or razor knife  
  • A power broom, silica sand and/or granulated rubber, and a drop spreader (for infill installation)
  • Landscape spikes (aka nailer board (used for securing the synthetic turf exterior edge from lifting and movement)


Step 1: Area Preparation

As a general would before battle, you should survey the landscape from a bird’s eye view.

Mark the area in your mind, note the direction at which the turf will roll out, and make sure that once work starts, you run the grain of the turn against any slope if possible. Keep in mind how wide the turf you’re using will be. For example, EZ Grass from CAN Supply Wholesale comes in 15-foot widths.

At this point, you should decide where the border will be, and which edging or curbing technique you’ll use. 


Step 2: Ground Prep

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Now it’s time to remove whatever grass currently occupies the space, as well as any infrastructure like in-ground sprinklers. It is also important to  compact the soil (if necessary) before putting down the base, and this can be done using a hand roller or a plate tamp.

If any areas of the ground are saturated with water, it may also be necessary to install a geotextile to separate the soft soils from the next step, the crushed stone base.


Step 3: Laying a Base

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Next spread crushed stone evenly over the area, with a maximum particle size of 3/4 of an inch, and compacted. A vibratory compactor will work well in this case.

In climates such as Edmonton, Calgary or Toronto, 4 inches of base material should be sufficient. In places with greater rainfall (like Vancouver) 6 inches may be necessary.


Step 4: Lay Artificial Grass

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Now that you’re going to lay the synthetic grass, make sure that if you’re using multiple widths, that all the grass blades on the surface point in the same direction.

To seam the widths together, you’ll need to do two things: First, you’ll need to lay the first roll of grass down in the desired position, but before carefully laying the adjacent piece so that it overlaps the first piece’s edge and creates a natural look, you should roll out seam scrim or adhesive floor tape over the entire length of the seam.

Use scissors or a knife to make trims where necessary to achieve the desired effect, which is a smooth surface that looks like one piece. Be sure to add weight to the seam using sandbags, or run a heavy roller along the seam.

Finally, brush the grass fibers upright, and using a drop-spreader (commonly used to spread grass seed, etc.) pour infill in small quantities evenly over the entire surface. Without enough infill (with too much of the grass fibers exposed, the grass get crushed over time with foot traffic and will experience premature wear and tear.


Step 5: Secure the Edges

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While the weight of the infill is often enough to keep the artificial grass in place, if there are trouble areas, you can use a number of techniques to secure the edges. 

Use landscape spikes, nailer board, or you can even bury the edges of the turf, hiding the edges with compacted stone, mulch or straw. 

For a much more complete step-by-step guide, see here for more information.


Call the CAN Supply Artificial Grass Installers

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If the steps above seemed like a little too much work, or if you would rather have professionals install your artificial grass, then there are companies that can help. CAN Supply Ltd. is one of those companies.

Since every project is unique, contact them to discuss the artificial grass installation on your property, and they’ll be happy to help. Simply leave your email address or phone number and they’ll set up a meeting right away. For an artificial lawn you can be proud of, call them today!

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PVC Fencing vs. Wood: Which is Right for your Project?

A fence can enhance your home, beautify your yard and safeguard your children and pets; choosing the right materials for this important feature ensures you get a lasting, attractive fence you will benefit from for years to come. You have several choices when it comes to your home fencing; the primary options are PVC or wood. Learning more about your options allows you to make the right choice for your home. Consider the durability, maintenance needs, appearance and more when you choose your fence and you will be delighted with the outcome.

Wood vs. PVC: Which Fence Material is Right for Your Home?

Wood was once the only choice for home fencing, but the low maintenance appeal of PVC has made this affordable material more popular than ever before. These two materials vary in several key ways, from cost to maintenance and long lasting durability.

Flexibility: Both wood and PVC fencing come in a wide range of styles, from privacy fencing to old fashioned pickets and decorative trim. PVC fencing can even emulate wood fencing, with a natural, defined texture and old-fashioned charm. You can get a look that enhances your home and curb appeal with either of these fencing materials. Since wood can be painted, you have a wider range of colors and finishes, for those willing to commit to annual painting — or painting every other year, wood can offer more flexibility. If you want a traditional white fence, PVC never needs to be repainted; the material itself is white, so no other surface treatment is required. 

Durability: Wood, even cedar or wood that has been pressure treated, has a definite life span; after some time has passed, a wood fence will begin to show its age. Wood fences are exposed to the elements year round; regular rain and temperature changes take a toll on wood fences and begin to erode their structure over time. This leads to the need for replacement over time. A PVC fence does not erode over time and since PVC is the material used for water pipes, does not sustain water damage. If you need an enduring, lasting fence that looks as good years from now as it does on the day of installation, PVC is the best choice for your project. 

Maintenance: Because a fence is outdoors and exposed to the elements, it is directly impacted by the weather. A wood fence will swell and contract with humidity changes and differences in temperature. This can lead to warping or curving over time; some pickets or planks will need to be replaced as these changes occur. A painted wood fence will need sprucing up each year, and the same humidity that impacts the curvature and texture of the fence can also lead to peeling and chipping of the painted surface. Because of these factors, a wood fence will need annual maintenance and upkeep to stay in shape. 

In contrast, a PVC fence will not warp or peel over time. This leads to fewer maintenance tasks and virtually no painting or detail work. This style fence is easily cleaned and refreshed at the start of the season and rarely needs attention beyond simple cleanup tasks. 

Costs: Wood fences may seem less expensive at first, particularly for those who take a DIY approach. The cost of pickets and planks does not include waterproofing, paint or finishing, which will increase the cost. Cedar and basic PVC are very similar in cost, while more decorative finishes of both materials are more expensive than basic, unfinished wood. Figure in the cost of materials, finishing supplies on ongoing maintenance and repair when you determine your long term fencing costs. 

For those who want a truly traditional material and who do not mind the added maintenance and work, wood remains a classic choice. For homeowners who want a low maintenance, affordable option that will last for years, PVC is the better choice. Learn more about your options and see what beautiful, lasting PVC fencing can do for your home — get in touch today to see what this striking material can do for you. 

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How To Prepare Your Backyard For Practical Fence Installation

Fences add a great finishing touch to your property, along with many practical advantages, such as safety and security. An old fence can turn a stately home in an outdated and rundown property; a brand-new fence sends a welcoming message to passersby and adds value to your home.

Now that you have decided to install a new PVC vinyl fence with CAN Supply Wholesale, it’s time to make yourself a checklist of all the necessary planning and preparation so that you can complete your project as you envisioned it. If you haven’t already done so, here’s a list of what you need to take care of before you install your CAN Supply Wholesale fence:

Safety, Laws, and Policies

Prior to determining the location of your new fence, become familiar with the local governing rules, regulations, and safety policies for outdoor construction. Do you need to use special equipment or safety boots? Is there a municipal bylaw in place about the maximum height of your perimeter allowed?

You might be surprised by some bylaws in your area, especially where your yard is concerned. Driving to your local municipal authority may seem like overkill, but you’ll be happy you did.

Your Property Line

You need to know the exact location of your property line. If you do not already have this information, contact your local city officials and request a map of your street. Even if your fence is off by a few centimetres, your city may have the right to tear it down.

It may be in your best interest to get your hands on an updated land survey, as this gives you the exact limits of your property, which will come in handy if you ever want to sell your house in the future.

Building Codes and Permits

While you are on the phone with the city, inquire about the building codes and permits required to construct a fence. Ignoring the local policies could be troublesome, especially when fines are involved. Even if you consider your fence a small project, you will still have to show the city your building plans so they can ensure that you are following all the proper procedures safely.

Check with Your Utility Companies

Before you start digging, the importance of contacting your area utility companies cannot be overstated. Cutting through electrical, gas, telephone, water or other lines could be disastrous and exorbitantly expensive to fix. Map out your own buried sprinkler drainage systems to avoid damaging your own property.

This is another good reason to get your hands on your land survey, as it will show you exactly where water gas, sewer, utility, and phone lines area.

Contact Your Neighbours

As a courtesy, let your neighbours know you are planning some construction that may disrupt the peace for a short period. Make sure your new fence line does not run over onto their property. If they have questions about the boundaries of their yard, take the time to show them your land survey. Show them samples of your fence and your permits. They may not be too keen on waking up early to the sounds of construction, so to keep the harmony between you, try to respect their limits on certain things (such as a six-a.m. start time) as much as possible.

Home and Property Owners Associations

If you live in an area governed by an association for home or property owners, contact them to have a clear understanding of the agreed upon stipulations for your neighbourhood. It may influence the materials, location, height and other features permitted for your fence. Ask about all of your options. For example, provided you comply with the laws that apply to the fence that surrounds and encloses your property, you may have the right to more creative options for areas inside your yard, such as around pools or pet runs.

Preparation for Fence Installation

Once you are sure you are in compliance with the local regulations for safety and construction, mapping out your fence line can begin. At this point, the actual groundwork can start. However, before you can start, consult with us at CAN Supply to request specific measurements and details for installation that may vary, depending on your choice of fencing style.

Mark It With Care

You will need an installation guide to follow for the exact placement of your fence—one that keeps your fence line straight as you go:

  • Measure the site accurately—twice!
  • For pre-fabricated sets, read the manual and follow the instructions
  • Use stakes and string to mark the line
  • Measure and mark where the fence posts will go
  • Avoid placing the stakes at the same points where your posts holes need to be dug

Clear the Ground

  • Clear the path of your fence line of obstructions such as boulders, shrubs, hanging branches, trees, and stumps
  • It may be necessary to clear or level out the ground in some places
  • Check for slopes that make require special fencing panels

Installation Tools and Materials

For DIY fence installation, it can be frustrating to be halfway through the vigorous and time-consuming job and discover you are missing pieces or tools. Read the manual that comes with your materials and gather the necessary equipment ahead of time. Be sure to order all of the parts and materials you will need based on the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Contact CAN Supply Wholesale

Vinyl fencing is attractive, durable, and can instantly transform your front and backyard into a beautiful and safe haven for your children and pets. Our goal is to make your DIY fence installation as easy as possible. For more information about our premium vinyl fencing, contact CAN Supply today!

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3 Simple Solutions for Cleaning Your PVC Fence

PVC fences are an excellent choice when you’re looking for an attractive addition to your property. They come in many styles to choose from, and they can be built to fit your property. But one of the best things about a PVC fence is how easy they are to clean! Below are three simple solutions for cleaning your PVC fence.

Spray Off With Water

Dust and dirt can easily build up along your fence, especially on dry and windy days, which can make your pristine white fence look grungy and dirty. Fortunately, dust can easily be sprayed off with the hose without the need for soap. Try this step first, as dust and cobwebs can easily be removed from PVC vinyl. If cobwebs are your main problem, sweeping them off with a broom will do the trick.

Soap & Water

This is the easiest way that you can clean your PVC fence. Just mix up a solution of some water and dish soap and grab a non-abrasive pad or cleaning cloth. It’s amazing the amount of grime and dirt that will come off of your fence.

Eco-Friendly Cleaner & Water

Does your PVC fence have stains that are more stubborn, like grass stains, mildew or mud, something stronger might be in order. However, we recommend using an eco-friendly cleaner to prevent harmful chemicals from leaching into the soil or garden around your fence. A diluted blend of water and an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner (such as Simple Green) is a great way to clean stubborn stains from your fence.

Call CAN Supply Wholesale Today!

Want to add to the beauty of your home or business with a PVC fence? Contact us today for a free consultation. We will go over your options and listen to your needs and expectations. We then will offer you solutions that will work best for your needs. Whether you want a privacy fence or you are looking for something to put around your pool, we have the fence for you!

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Your Questions about Fence Installations Answered by CAN Supply Wholesale

Have you been toying with the idea of installing a fence in your backyard, but you aren’t sure where to start looking, who to hire, or how much it costs, we’ve compiled a list of answers to some of your most popular questions.

How Much Does Installation Cost?

That’s difficult to answer with any accuracy. It’s like asking “how much does it cost to build a house?” There are too many variables involved to give a close approximation. The best way to answer that is to get a quote. You will be asked for the length of fence you’ll need to cover your yard as well as the fencing material, style, and height that you want. For more accurate information, we suggest contacting us for a free quote.

How Durable is PVC Vinyl?

PVC vinyl fencing is built to last a lifetime. Unlike wood material, PVC fencing is completely protected against powerful UV rays.

Will My Fence Survive Saskatchewan’s Winter?

Yes. Oasis Vinyl™ PVC Fences are some of the strongest fences on the market. Vinyl fences are enforced with galvanized steel posts, aluminum rail inserts, post levelling collars, and top ties. If installed properly, your vinyl fence and withstand whatever storm Saskatoon can throw at it.

How Do I Prepare My Backyard for Installation?

  • Before you order your fencing panels and start designing your backyard paradise, we strongly suggest marking your property line (more on this in a later post).
  • Call your utility company to mark underground lines and pipes before you start digging.
  • Remove obstacles from the fence line, such as stumps, boulders, etc.
  • Stake your posts to help you visualize where the panels will go.

Is Fence Installation too Difficult to DIY?

The more experience you have, the better off you’ll be. That’s not to say that someone without any building, landscaping, or constructing experience can’t install a fence (and we have instructional videos to help out with that), but it certainly gives you the confidence do to the job properly. Before deciding to install your own fence, do your research. You might choose in the end that you’d be more comfortable hiring an expert.

What Design Options Do I Have?

You have a healthy list of style options available. iI you want a fence that’s both stylish and durable, we recommend PVC vinyl fencing. Choose from our broad range of products that are sure to your home’s unique aesthetic, whether it’s a horse fence or the classic picket fence.

If you have more questions about fencing or fence installations, contact CAN Supply Wholesale today!

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How to Maintain Your Fence Against Canada’s Harsh Winter

Here in Canada, the snow really piles up, and everything outside is susceptible to wear and tear, including your fence. If your fence becomes damaged, there are a few repairs you can tackle yourself.

Wooden Fence Repairs

Wooden fences are charming, but they require frequent repairs. Over time, they can become unstable and are susceptible to rot.

Strengthening a Fence

 If your fence has become loose, there are two ways to stabilize it:

  • Add a horizontal rail between the existing top and bottom rails. This third rail will give the fence more support.
  • You will need to replace a rail if it has rotted entirely. This repair is a little more time consuming because you must remove the fencing boards.

Replacing a Post

Wooden posts are susceptible to rot below the ground line. Replacing a post can be expensive, as you must remove the concrete footing. If the ground is frozen solid, this repair will have to wait for warmer weather. In the meantime, clear as much snow away from the fence as you can. Trim any overhanging trees because they could snap under the weight of heavy snow and add stress to your fence.

If your wooden fence posts have rot, it might be time to consider replacing the entire fence. Our PVC picket fences have the look of a wooden fence without the upkeep or maintenance. For homeowners looking for a certain aesthetic, we carry PVC fencing with latticework.

Metal Fence Repairs

Maintaining a metal fence is not as labour-intensive as a wooden fence, but they do still need repairs. The gate can become unaligned, or the fence can start to lean.

Realigning a Gate

A gate can take a beating, especially if it’s open and closed several times a day. If the gate is no longer shutting properly, you may need to readjust the hinge pins. 

Straightening a Fence

Over time, a metal gate can start to lean. You can plumb the posts, but this will require breaking up and replacing the concrete footings. If the ground is frozen solid in your area, you will have to wait until it warms up to straighten the fence. Until then, you can reduce the stress on your fence by shovelling away any snow. Any tree branches hanging over your fence should be trimmed because they can break under the weight of heavy snow and damage your fence.

As with wooden fences, removing the concrete footings is no easy task. If you have multiple posts that need to be dug up, it might be time to replace the entire fence.

Upgrade to PVC Fencing

Even with regular maintenance and repairs, your wooden or metal fence will eventually need to be replaced. These materials are not meant to last forever. Replacing your fence now may save you money in the long run, versus the expense and hassle of frequent repairs. A PVC fence from CAN Supply Wholesale is the best fence for your property. Unlike wood and metal, our PVC fences are guaranteed to not rot or rust. 

All of our PVC fences come with a transferable, limited lifetime warranty, which means that if you sell your property, the warranty can be transferred once, from you to the new property owner. 

We understand that some homeowners take pride in doing their own work. For DIYers, we can sell our fencing directly to you. We provide detailed installation instructions and support. If you’d rather leave the work to someone else, we can arrange for professional installation. 

If you’re ready to upgrade to PVC, call us today at 1-844-932-2680!

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5 Ways to Decorate Your Fence This Holiday Season

Nothing screams holiday cheer like a dazzling front yard display, and a great way to command attention to your home is through fence decor.

Most families put tons of time and energy into decorating outdoor trees and light displays, often ignoring their fences. Lighting up your fence is a great way to make an ordinarily monotonous object become part of your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or New Year outdoor ensemble.

As fence experts, we think about this constantly and wish more people invested in sprucing up this under-appreciated property feature, bringing it to life with holiday cheer. Here are a few of our favourite decorated fence ideas that will make your holiday home stand out among your neighbours!

#1: Make It Part of Your Theme

Most people think a fence isn’t worth decorating because it’s functional; it doesn’t have the same aesthetic appeal as trees or a beautifully painted door. However, it can easily blend into your front yard holiday décor if you incorporate it into a theme.

You can do this by making your fence a backdrop for a display. If you have a nativity theme, hang a backdrop against your fence and place your Bible characters against it. If you want to involve the whole family, encourage your kids to get creative and create a hand-painted backdrop. Disney characters, such as those from Frozen, have become a favourite winter theme.

#2: Work with the Material

Fun decorations can easily cover all kinds of fencing, particularly vinyl.

Have a few too many wreaths? Consider hanging them against your fence. Your neighbours will be drawn to the decoration and not the fence itself.

String lights through the fencing to illuminate the entire property. Oasis vinyl fencing makes it easy to attach lights and accessories because of the various holes and points. You can make it a fun family activity!

#3: Incorporate Dusty Décor

Every family has a few holiday decorations that they pull out of the attic every year, but they can’t find a place for in their home. These may include flags, tree ornaments, or small toys no longer used. Consider hanging some of these on your fence! You might realize that these dusty decorations are perfect for your outdoor display.

#4: Illuminate Your Design

Once you’ve decorated your fence, you might realize that string lights aren’t enough to highlight your hard work. Purchase clip lights or floor lights to place below so that your display is fully lit up.

#5: Have Fun!

Think of your fence not as something in the way but something to enhance. Suddenly, you’ll start thinking up a lot of fun, unique ways to incorporate your fence.

CAN Supply Wholesale is your expert fence provider, and we have other great ideas about how to spruce up your property for any time of the year. Contact us now for more about our vinyl fences, or call us directly at 1-844-932-2680!

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Four Reasons to Opt for a Vinyl Fence

Homeowners love wood fences because of their traditional appeal, but they aren’t long-lasting. The same can be said for bamboo fences that can’t take the cold. When choosing a fence, you need to keep the weather and climate in mind.

At CAN Supply Wholesale, our mission is to ensure that our fences are built to last. With technologically advanced materials—such as PVC vinyl—your fence’s quality will withstand Mother Nature’s unpredictable weather while retaining its valuable appearance.

These four reasons are to be considered when you decide to beautify your residential or commercial property with a vinyl fence:

Stable Against the Elements

A fence should be sturdy in structure and long-lasting against Mother Nature. With PVC materials, it will pass any durability test with flying colours. Not only is this type of material built to last for years, but vinyl is also resilient against turbulent weather conditions, outdoor insects, decay, and fungus. You also won’t have to worry about it deteriorating or take time out of your hectic schedule to repair and replace the sections.

Maintenance-Free and Time-Saving

If gardening or landscaping isn’t your household’s forte, then a vinyl fence is the best option for you. By choosing PVC, you are opting for a maintenance-free fence. Unlike a wood fence that needs to be cleaned periodically, treated, and stained, PVC doesn’t require any upkeep.

Cost-Effective for the Long-Haul

Everything comes with a cost, and we all have a budget to respect. A PVC vinyl fence will end up being a worthwhile investment since it’s durable against extreme weather, requires low maintenance, and will maximize the value of your money. Before installing your fence, consider the size of your project because that will be a significant factor that determines the cost. CAN Supply Wholesale provides two options for homeowners to simplify financial decisions:

  • Wholesale prices for customers who prefer to set up their own fence
  • Installation services for customers who want our professionals to handle the installation

To determine the best economic route, contact us for a free quote, or read our detailed printable installation guide on our resources page.

Aesthetics That Give You a Sense of Pride

A fence’s aesthetic appeal enhances your home’s appearance. For a pristine, beautiful exterior with exceptional quality material, you will not regret making a PVC vinyl structure part of your property. By selecting vinyl, you don’t have to worry about chipping paint, fading stain treatments, or weathering. With a vast selection of fence accessories to choose from—such as gate latches, steel pipes, self-closing hinges, and post caps—your vinyl fence is guaranteed to be the stylish one on the block!

CAN Supply Wholesale is your one-stop shop for your PVC vinyl fencing needs. With our state-of-the-art products and accessories, and quality installation services, we guarantee a boost in your home’s value and an improvement to the overall aesthetics of your property. Contact us now to acquire more information, or call us directly at 1-844-932-2680!


Should You Hire a Fence Contractor or Go the DIY Route?

Many homeowners consider fence installation a do-it-yourself project. You lay out the fence lines, dig holes, pour cement, set posts, set boards, and there you go!

Or, so you think.

Installing a fence is not always an easy job for people who are unfamiliar with the procedures. It can be far more time-consuming and complicated for a property owner than for a professional fence contractor with the right equipment and expertise.


Many variables, such as weather, temperature, geography, incline, and soil composition must be considered when building a fence in order to ensure that it secures your property. If you don’t install it properly, your fence may sag not long after you put it up. However, an experienced contractor has the knowledge to ensure that your fence will last and sufficiently protect your property, as they will know how to take all of these variables into account when constructing your fence.


Installing a fence that is straight and looks good can be accomplished by professionals in less time than it takes you and friends to do it. There are many contractors who can install fences, from professional landscape companies to a local experienced handyman. Take the time to explore the options for professional installation teams before you try to do it yourself.

Understand the procedures for installing a complete fence system and compare this to the price of having your fence installed by professional installers. Just mixing and pouring concrete after digging holes that are deep enough is messy and time-consuming. You will need access to a variety of specialized tools and equipment. While these tools can be purchased or rented fairly easily, they can end up costing you a great deal of money. Unless you already have the right tools for the job on hand, it could end up being more expensive to install a fence yourself than to hire a contractor to do it for you.


Something many homeowners do not realize is that they may need a building permit to construct a fence on their property. While this may seem odd considering you’re not building a structure or an addition to your house, many jurisdictions require some kind of permit to do any kind of construction on a property. Depending on your town’s zoning codes, there may also be regulations on where you can place a fence on your property in relation to your neighbours and the street.

However, a professional contractor who has worked in your area will be familiar with all of these requirements. By having a professional install your fence, they can walk you through the building process, ensuring that your finished fence is legal, as well as secure when it’s installed. This can save you additional time as the process of researching building codes and requesting permits can be lengthy.


You need to speak with different types of installers, such as general contractors and professional landscape companies. Explain about the type of fencing you envision for your yard. A professional landscaper may suggest certain types of fencing from wood and metal to PVC vinyl fences—which are the most durable in all weather conditions.

Take the time to get three or more estimates for installing the fence, and make comparisons on the cost in relation to installation time. Look closely at the different products currently on the market and discuss your preferences with installers.

The grading of your yard is most important. A potential installer should visit your property and take measurements of the area to be fenced. Professional fence installers will know how to set posts and fencing on hillsides or lots with only a gentle slope.

Check for recommendations on different websites that evaluate service companies. This is a competitive market, and installers welcome good reviews. They are usually ready to work as soon as the weather permits. Holes for fence posts can be prepared when the ground thaws, which means your fence can be ready long before summer.

Contract Specifics

Ask a contractor how long it should take to install your fence and if installers can work in all weather conditions. Certain parts of the installation process, such as pouring cement and setting posts, should be accomplished in dry weather.

Understand the contractor’s payment procedure. A landscape company usually wants partial payment before the job starts with final payment when it is finished. Find out if the contractor offers a warranty on service; this is important since you expect that your fence will be strong enough to withstand all weather conditions.

Your contract with any installer should be in writing, and you should also have a copy of the warranty.

Can Supply Wholesale is a leading distributor of fence materials, including PVC vinyl fencing. We work with professional fence installers and DIY property owners throughout Canada. Call us today at 1-844-932-2680!

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4 Famous Fences and their Importance on Human Interactions

Fences have more purpose and meaning than you think. They’ve played a pivotal role in classic literature, films, and TV shows where they were either an important prop that moved the plot forward or symbolic of a major theme. While we may pass our neighbour’s fence without giving it a thought, these famous props demonstrate that fences reveal a lot more about people than we realize.

The Sandlot

In The Sandlot, a ragtag group of nine teenagers play baseball next to a mysterious old man’s house that has a sandlot. The house has a ferocious dog in the backyard ominously labelled as “The Beast.” The newest member of the ragtag team is Scotty Smalls. He’s told of the neighbourhood legends and rumours surrounding the “The Beast” and its owner after he attempts to retrieve a baseball that was accidentally sent into the fenced-off sandlot where “The Beast” lives.

The only thing separating the boys from “The Beast” was a rickety old fence made from wood and plastic. Eventually, Scotty gains the courage to scale the fence and confront “The Beast” and its owner to retrieve the precious ball. Scotty discovers that the stories were exaggerated; “The Beast” is not ferocious and its owner was, as it happens, a retired baseball player.

The fence in The Sandlot served two purposes:

  • It acted as a temporary barrier to protect the property and “The Beast” from trespassers.
  • It stimulated the kids’ imaginations and fueled their fears because they were faced with the unknown territory that lay beyond the fence.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, a classic novel later adapted into a film, one of its most famous scenes involves a fence.

After skipping school one afternoon, Tom Sawyer is sentenced by his Aunt Polly to a punishment of whitewashing a picket fence that is 27.4 metres long and 9 feet high.

Rather than accepting his fate, our hero takes action. Convincing some other boys passing by that his gruelling task is actually fun, Tom offloads his work onto an unsuspecting group of young men. Moreover, Tom manages to get them to pay him for the opportunity.

Now, why is this scene so important?

The importance and symbolism of this scene are spelled out by Twain himself: “[Tom] had discovered a great law of human action, without knowing it—namely, that in order to make a man or a boy covet a thing, it is only necessary to make the thing difficult to attain.”

The fence became a valuable tool, which Tom used to turn his labour into an enviable task. He developed his creativity and skills of persuasion, profiting from both. Still don’t believe that this scene is as important as we say? You’ll find that an image of the fence scene appears in most editions of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, as it became a pivotal representation of boyhood in nineteenth-century America.

Home Improvement

On the 90s sitcom Home Improvement, Tim Taylor was one of TV’s great examples of a “guy’s guy” who—while in over his head—meant well, and always tried to do right by his family.

While searching for answers on how to better relate to his wife and kids, Tim often sought refuge in his backyard and the advice of his neighbour, Wilson. Wilson always dispensed sage advice from behind a picket fence, his face always partially hidden.

The fence added a layer of mystique to Wilson, making his advice seem wiser. Having a custom fence, such as a PVC fence with lattice, between you and your neighbour may not make their advice seem better, but it might provide a good backdrop for some interesting backyard conversations.

And who knows? Maybe they’ll look at you as their Wilson!

Doc Hollywood

In the film Doc Hollywood, Michael J. Fox plays a hotshot plastic surgeon on a cross-country drive to Beverly Hills. While going through the back roads of South Carolina, he crashes his Porsche into a fence that’s in the process of being built by the local judge’s own two hands. Fox’s character is punished with community service, which consists of being the general practitioner for the town. He realizes what is truly valuable in life the longer he stays in the town and interacts with the people.

The damage of the hand-made fence made by the fancy car demonstrates the clashing of superficiality and genuine humanity. Building your own fence is a great way to respect your home and yard. Knowing you poured your blood, sweat, and tears into your fence gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride, ensuring you’ll have a great fence for years to come!

Choosing the right fence for your property should carry meaning. Consult CAN Supply Wholesale for more information on our PVC vinyl fences or call us today at 1-844-932-2680!

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Top Seven Fence-Loving Plants for Plant Hardiness Zone 3

Having a perimeter fence in your backyard offers so many design possibilities. Rather than your fence being a barrier, you can use it as part of your garden landscape. If you live in and around Saskatoon, here are the top seven plants for zone 3 that will look great next to your fence.

#1: Honeysuckle

Are you looking for beautiful foliage, bright flowers, and fence-climbing ability? The honeysuckle vine is the perfect choice for you. With deep green leaves, a sweet fragrance, and beautiful coral-coloured trumpet-like flowers, your honeysuckle plant is perfect for your fence. With minimal upkeep, this is the perfect climbing vine for your backyard.

#2: Wisteria Vines

There are many varieties of wisteria vines. The Kentucky Wisteria may be your best bet for the climate. Take caution: although these dramatic draping flowers are the definition of dreamy, you won’t appreciate it when your wisteria chokes out the surrounding plants and takes over your garden. While we think it’s worth the risk, make sure to stay vigilant with your pruning.

#3: Cream Pea Vine

Also known as the Common Vetchling, pea vines are sweet pea-like vines with dark green foliage and creamy blooms. But please exercise caution when considering this delightful vine: every part of the plant is poisonous, so if you have curious kids or pets that love to destroy plants, this might not be suitable for your backyard.

#4: Virginia Creeper

If you want a vine to cover your fence, but you can’t decide on a flower colour, why not try the Virginia creeper, which turns just about every colour you can think of throughout the gardening season. You’ll notice this fast-growing vine start out deep purple, turn green in summer, and end with a fantastic display of fall colours.

#5: Morning Glories

What’s not to love about morning glories? These friendly vines are the perfect fence plant, as they are delicate and display a wide array of gem tone colours. These plants are easily grown from seed or you can purchase them from your local garden centre.

#6: Highbush Blueberries

While highbush blueberries don’t climb, the dark violet berries will really stand out when placed in front of your white fence. Blueberries are a great addition to any garden, and they add height and depth to the perimeter, while supplying you (and the birds, if you’re not careful) all summer long with the delicious fruit.

#7: Clematis

Don’t be intimated by this so-called difficult plant. As long as you remember a few essential growing tricks, you’ll be seeing bright star-shaped flowers all season. There are many Clematis varieties that grow in Zone 3, so you have plenty of colours to choose from. 

When designing your backyard garden, don’t forget to blend your fence into your landscape by planting these fence-happy vines and bushes. Contact Can Supply Wholesale for more backyard ideas.

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Top Tips on How to Make Your Yard Stand Out

A dynamic and visually appealing front yard boosts your property’s curb appeal and makes for an inviting entrance to the rest of your home. Your yard is people’s first impression of your space and frames their perspective when they view the rest of your property. By taking care of your space, you will not only make your neighbours green with envy, but boost your property value, too!

Invest in Plants

Plants are one of the most important elements to creating a beautiful outdoor space. Opt for a variety of different plants, such as flowers, bushes, and ground cover plants. Perennial plants are an easy way to make sure your garden looks well taken care of throughout the year. A perennial is a plant that comes back year after year without replanting. This makes them an easy solution for those who are seeking a low-maintenance garden.

Make sure to include plenty of green shrubs in your garden that are capable of withstanding harsher conditions. With cold winter climates, it’s important to introduce plants that are native to the area and therefore less affected by the weather. If you’re looking to add a pleasant fragrance to your garden, consider planting some herbs. Popular varieties include mint, rosemary, and lavender.

Regular Maintenance

There’s no point to having a beautiful outdoor space if you aren’t going to take care of it. Keeping up with regular yard maintenance is an important part of a well put-together appearance.

Tasks you should regularly complete in your yard include:

  • mowing the lawn
  • raking leaves
  • trimming shrubs
  • pulling weeds
  • sharpening edges

In the summer months, this means keeping the lawn freshly cut to prevent the odd dandelion from popping up. During the fall, make sure to rake leaves as they accumulate on your lawn. With regular maintenance, taking care of your garden is much easier and doesn’t become an overwhelming task.

Install a Fence

Installing a fence creates structure to your outside space and shows that it’s well taken care of. There are a variety of fencing materials and types that each provide a distinct appeal to your space. Vinyl fences are a great, low maintenance option for your front and back yard. They are easy to clean and come in a variety of shades and colours, so there’s sure to be an option that suits your home’s colour scheme. Vinyl fences are also able to withstand various weather conditions because they are more flexible when compared to other materials, such as metal and wood.

Some vinyl fencing options include:

  • classic full-privacy PVC fence
  • semi-privacy fence with diagonal lattice
  • semi-privacy fence with square lattice
  • classic picket PVC fence
  • classic picket scalloped fence

Create a Feature Area

Another way to create an inviting yard space is by constructing a feature area. Some people will have stepping stones that lead to a sitting area, while others will install a pond or water feature. By creating a focal point in your garden, the rest of your landscaping serves the purpose of framing this highlight, making it easier to implement and design.

Can Supply Wholesale provides PVC fences, textiles, and more! We’re committed to providing our customers with unmatched value that boosts the aesthetic appeal of every property. To learn more about our services or get a quote, call 1-844-932-2680.


Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

Benefits of Vinyl FencingVinyl fencing has become a popular fencing option for both residential and commercial properties. The material is synthetically created by combining ethylene and chlorine, producing a highly durable plastic as a result. Invented in 1920, vinyl is most often used in the construction industry as a flooring and siding option.

From the fencing experts at Can Supply Wholesale, here are the top benefits of vinyl fencing:

Easy Maintenance

If you’re looking for an easy, low-maintenance fencing solution, you should consider opting for a vinyl variety. The plastic material is easily cleaned with soap and water, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. Considering that many commercial properties fall victim to graffiti, vinyl fencing makes an excellent alternative, as it is a easily cleaned and keeps your property looking professional.

Unlike its wood and aluminum counterparts, vinyl fencing’s colour doesn’t fade over time. Wood fencing often requires treatment and staining every few years to extend its lifetime. Because it is a synthetic material, vinyl fencing also doesn’t fall victim to insect infestations that are often the cause of damaged wood fences.

Increased Flexibility and Strength

Vinyl fences are up to five times stronger than wood. This makes the material ideal in areas that experience extreme weather conditions, such as strong wind, snow, and rain. Being synthetic, vinyl is much more flexible and therefore moves with the wind or weather, reducing the chances of cracks or splinters. This durability makes vinyl fencing a worthwhile investment, as you will spend less money tending to costly repairs.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Fences are a great way to boost your curb appeal and make your house stand out on the block.

If you’re considering selling your home, installing a vinyl fence will boost your selling value. Many homebuyers seek fencing as a way to increase privacy in addition to the safety of pets and animals. With a variety of colours, styles, and installation options, you will be sure to find a solution that complements your pre-existing backyard.

Common vinyl fencing variations include:

  • square lattice top
  • diagonal lattice top
  • horse fence
  • full privacy fence
  • picket fence

Vinyl fencing will stay in much better than condition than wood, reducing the need for frequent replacement and keeping your landscaping well maintained. Now, you won’t need to worry about wood rotting, chipped paint, or faded stains. When installing a vinyl fence, keep in mind that the quality of materials and proper installation affect the aesthetic appeal, as well. That is why you should rely on fencing professionals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to assist you when making your fencing decision.

At Can Supply Wholesale, we specialize in providing excellent quality PVC fencing products at affordable prices. To learn more about our products and services, call 1-844-932-2680 or schedule an appointment today!