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Vinyl and PVC Fence Supplies in Vancouver, BC

CAN Supply Wholesale is the most trusted name in Canada for vinyl fencing products. As market leaders in innovation and design, our premium PVC and vinyl fencing solutions are hard to match – not only in terms of style and affordability, but from a durability standpoint as well. If you’re looking for the best vinyl fence BC has to offer and fantastic customer service, turn to CAN Supply Wholesale.

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With a wide variety of custom vinyl fencing products and styles to choose from, our company has proudly  satisfied clients from Vancouver to Chilliwack to Surrey and beyond! If you live in BC and need anything – from a weather-proof residential picket fence to a custom vinyl fencing solution for your business – you can trust CAN Supply Wholesale to get the job done. 

Are you a Surrey homeowner looking to invest in the privacy and security of your property? Perhaps a well-built vinyl fence is part of the solution! Or do you own a large tract of land in Chilliwack and require a two or three rail vinyl fencing product to help you create a visible border for your property? CAN Supply can do that too. We provide vinyl fencing supplies and products not just to residential homeowners, but also to dealers, contractors and construction sites in Vancouver as well.  With the added ability to perform high-quality installation services through one of our many dealer/contractor affiliates, our fences leave little to be desired. Our picket fences are attractive, modern, and durable, and best of all: they boost your home’s value over the long term!

Let’s face it: wood fencing looks great, but it is usually more of a dependable product in different climates than what you find in Canada. Unfortunately, our harsh winters, mixed with consistent West Coast precipitation and rapid fluctuations in humidity make wooden fences a long-term liability. This is where vinyl comes in. Our company, along with contractors and fencing experts, have recommended vinyl and PVC fencing solutions to clients for years as an attractive, affordable and nearly maintenance-free option that acts as an admirable replacement for traditional wood products.

And it’s not just the winters we’re worried about. Even the heat of summer can hurt the integrity of a wooden fence. That’s why our excellent CSW Vinyl Fence line of products are resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Forget flaky paint on old picket fences! Our mono extrusion and co extrusion technology ensures the UV inhibitors are evenly distributed throughout the entire fence and along every rail to provide you with protection that lasts the lifetime of the product. 

Our temporary fences also provide top-notch security for everything from private occasions to construction sites. Whether you need to fence off a few acres or a few square feet, we’ve got you covered. With vinyl and PVC fencing that provides BC properties with year-round beauty and security, check out what our no-maintenance, low-cost products offers you today. Contact us for a free estimate. -we can’t wait to show you why our customer service is considered number one.