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Vinyl and PVC Fence Supplies for Commercial and Residential Fencing in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Residential and Commercial Fencing in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Need durable PVC vinyl fencing in Winnipeg? We’re a trusted Canadian manufacturer of fencing products that are not only maintenance-free, but also of the highest quality. CAN Supply Wholesale provides residential and commercial properties with gates, fences, aluminum railing systems, everything to make it stand out. So, let’s get those rotting wood fences out of there, and give you the property you’ve been dreaming about for years. 

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Why Use PVC Vinyl?

The Canadian climate can be harsh, taking a toll on wood fences. Wood is susceptible to insects, decay, and splinters over time.  Natural fences also need to be cleaned, treated, and repaired, which will disrupt your busy schedule.  Additionally, the maintenance required overtime for and wood fences will surely cost you a pretty penny.

PVC vinyl is weather-resistant, protected against fading, and unaffected by insects. Without a doubt, PVC vinyl fencing is the superior material to use for residential and commercial needs. It also provides an aesthetic appeal, complementing your home or building.

Choose from our selection:

  • Classic Full Privacy PVC Fence: Enjoy your paradise without the worry of pedestrians or neighbors looking into your yard while you’re entertaining or relaxing.
  • Semi-Privacy Fence: Jazz up your fences with a diagonal or square lattice top section while still having your privacy.
  • Classic Picket PVC Fence: Add a little fairytale magic to your home with the traditional picket design.
  • Classic Scalloped Picket Fence: Embrace the old picket fence design, but with more character.
  • Vinyl Horse Fence With Heavy Rail: Get two or three rails for your horses and cattle’s designated areas.

No matter which type of fence you go with, PVC vinyl fences will add value to your residential or commercial property.

Compared to other Winnipeg fencing companies, we work with each customer to help them get their project to completion, whether they’re installing a new gate to add security to their home or they’re updating their business with new, affordable vinyl fences. CAN Supply can provide different colored Winnipeg fences to accommodate your preferences such as white, adobe, grey, and three wood grain colors.

We also offer temporary fencing. Winnipeg construction companies, traveling fairs, and private businesses often need temporary fencing for their special events, and we’re happy to oblige!