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Privacy Fence

Why You Must Go for Privacy Fence?


A piracy fence can help you get rid of noisy neighbors, protect you and your loved ones from getting harmed, and also acts as a safeguard against theft. A privacy fence should be at least 4-6 feet long, they also normally would not have gaps in between them or any holes which you will normally see. Even a few privacy fences have latticework at the top sides. Privacy fences provide you with a little more seclusion than a normal fence, thus becoming the choice of many people as it offers greater privacy. At CAN Supply Wholesale Ltd., we are proud to offer our customers top-quality fencing supplies and products at wholesale prices.



Following are some of the benefits of having a Privacy Fence :

  • Provides better security – Having a privacy fence can give you some privacy and protect you from disturbing neighbors. Some neighbors may even go ahead and lodge a complaint in case of the music at your house party is too loud. So to make sure you spend a good time with friends and family, a privacy fence can prove to be helpful.
  • Protect you from Animals – Well your neighbors certainly would not like your pet playing in their area or making their turf dirty. So to prevent that from happening, a privacy fence can prove to be a lifesaver. Also because of the privacy fencing, your pets will play around just in your house instead of wandering about on the roads or nearby areas. Your pets can play safely with a private fence, and also in case you are not at home you can be assured that your pet will not cross your private fence and wander about on the roads.
  • Provides you seclusion – As you have private fencing all around your house, you will have some solitude from your neighbors, certainly, you will not like having small disputes daily with your neighbor, and also you can spend quality time with friends and family without any unwanted interference from the neighbors. So private fencing can help you get that much-needed solitude.
  • Lowers your insurance rates – Having a nice privacy fence can boost the value of your property and also make it attractive, Even if you will have to pay insurance at lower rates just because of a simple privacy fence. So having a privacy fence can boost the resale value of your property and also reduce your insurance rate burden that sounds amazing, right?
  • More durable and more customization options – A privacy fence is made of strong materials which are also more durable than ordinary fencing, which makes it strong and also aids against strong winds. Also, there are so many color options and you can customize the privacy fence in many ways which also makes your house look attractive.


As we reach the end of this article, I hope you now know about many of the advantages of having a privacy fence, and also understand that the privacy fence is different from the ordinary fence. There are many advantages of the privacy fence which ordinary fences do not provide. In short, it is advisable to have a privacy fence in your house than a simple fence.

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Economical & Styling Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Home

Choosing a privacy fence is a great way to complete your backyard escape, whether you want it to look great or feel safe. Since your fence will have a long lifespan (and you’ll see it every day), it needs to be beautiful so that you’ll enjoy it for years to come.

And over the years, CAN Supply Wholesale have helped homeowners select and install fences that provide them with privacy and style. We always offer top-of-the-line privacy fencing supplies that suits your style, convenience, and aesthetic needs. Let us come outlined here, some Economical & Styling Privacy Fencing Supplies ideas for you.

Making your backyard and hangout spot where your neighbors can’t see you isn’t an easy process. With CAN Wholesale Supply, choosing the right fencing is now easier than ever.

We have different types of PVC fencing available that can give your home a whole new look with a high privacy.

Vinyl PVC fencing is a popular PVC fencing choice that provides a clean look while blocking out nosy neighbors. These fence accessories can be used in both modern and traditional settings.

  • Color Choices: Vinyl PVC fences come in a wide variety of colors, including bright white, khaki, tan, and others.
  • Lifespan: Vinyl PVC fences can last for multiple decades due to their incredible strength and resistance to damage.
  1. Provides Actual Privacy and Clear Property Lines

You can use a privacy fence to maintain your privacy. A privacy fence creates a visual barrier to prevent your neighbors from seeing your property. This is extremely helpful if you have outdoor spaces, like a pool, spa, patio, etc. A fence also prevents objects and people from encroaching on your property as a property boundary.

2. Safer and More Secure

Vinyl fences around your property offer many benefits such as security, safety, and privacy for your pets and children. Your home is more secure and safe when you have one installed. Enclosures are useful not only to keep your pets out of harm’s way but also to prevent wild animals from entering your yard. Some full privacy fences have doors with lockable latches. Moreover, they contribute to the physical barrier against bad actors who may attempt to enter your home for malicious purposes, thus making it more difficult for them to do so.

3. You Get a Better Backyard

A well-designed patio can add to the look and quality of your home’s landscaping and provide a barrier against noise. Consider installing a privacy fence panel if you want to relax and enjoy the outdoors in a more peaceful setting. Noise from the neighborhood will be kept at bay, creating a peaceful environment for rest and relaxation.

4. Protects You From The Weather

A privacy fence will protect your backyard and patio furniture from bad weather. Potted plants and landscaping can also be protected by this method. Having a fence that creates some shade at the end of the day can save your patio and deck from getting too hot in the summer.

5. Create Your Own Privacy Fence

CAN Supply Wholesale believe that privacy fence ideas can be brought to life with a style and budget that suits your needs? If you want a simple and beautiful fence or a more extravagant privacy fence, we need to be your first call.

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Privacy Fences

Best Privacy Fencing Solution in Canada

Everyone likes to enjoy the openness of his or her property while maintaining privacy at all times. We at CAN Supply help you upgrade your fences and redefine privacy protection through our cutting-edge privacy fencing solutions. Our products are durable, come in various colors and styles, and are all the more affordable than ever before! Shop with us, and you won’t be disappointed!

Privacy Fence

Key to Privacy: A reliable Privacy Fence

Everyone needs a solution to protect the privacy of their backyard without having to fret about the how and why. The privacy fencing solution we provide is simple to install, durable, and sure to give you peace of mind in the long run. The key to privacy is a reliable privacy fence that can create a barrier between your yard and the gazes of the people passing on the streets and is durable enough to withstand the weather conditions at all times.

Our privacy fences are just what you’re looking for. We provide our customers with tutorials to help install the fencing in no time. The fences are low-cost and easy to maintain. The durability factor will leave you amazed, and not only that, we boast of better and smarter fencing solutions than your conventional see-through wooden fences. Our well-thought-out installation methods are designed to help you put up more than 150 feet of privacy fencing in less than a day.

Building trust through Quality

Right from the fencing panels to the installation accessories, we’ve got you covered. Every product is Quality assured and built to last. Our unique vinyl fences are not only durable and shinier but more reliable too as compared to the traditional wooden fencing. The variety and range of products in our inventory means that we have the right solutions for any type of project, big or small. We provide the option of high-strength aluminum inserts, too, depending upon your requirement.

We recommend switching to our privacy fencing products to get maximum protection in all weather conditions. Be it harsh winters or sultry summers, we have got you covered in every situation!

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Is It Time For A Fence Installation?

Staying at home after a long day is a rejuvenating time to eliminate every day’s toxicities and relish the later part of the day without any worries in your cozy place. When you are living in a busy urban neighborhood, it is essential to have more privacy. You don’t want passersby to witness your off time at home, and an installation of a fence would do much help. The privacy fence in your home is all you need now. When you have the best fencing installed at your home, the whole property will lurk behind the fences letting you enjoy the time sans any disturbances.

How to find the right time for installing fences for privacy?

A busy day starts with a cup of coffee, and a newspaper full of hot news or news feeds on social media. When you relax in the front yard with pajamas, privacy is important. It is better to include the best fences to stop onlookers from scrutinizing your activities at home. A fence with other fence accessories can offer more protection. Installing a fence comes with many challenges, and you should have the right accessories like self-level collars to mount vinyl posts, and the installation will be done at breakneck speed. Ensure that you get them from a reliable manufacturer.

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Privacy Fencing

Moreover, privacy fencing is essential when you are residing in an urban area. Apart from privacy, there are other needs as well. If you have pets, fencing will help them wander in your yard without worrying about going out. Moreover, parents can cautiously let the children play as the privacy fences are way too helpful.


Whether you want privacy fencing or fencing accessories, you need to connect with the right seller. Installing a fence can be a costly affair, but worth the money, so it is essential to find premium fences to keep your property safe and maintain high privacy. Now that you have decided to install a fence check out the best products exclusively at Can Supply Wholesale Ltd. We have been helping countless customers to keep their property safe. If you want to know more in detail, visit our website right away.