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Best Waterproof Vinyl Decking in Canada

If you are thinking of purchasing vinyl decking, then you are at the right place. Can Supply Wholesale’s DeckRite provides one of the best and waterproof vinyl deckings. These gorgeous-looking vinyl decking doesn’t require repainting and won’t grow mold. Thousands of customers have gone for waterproof vinyl decking and saved a lot of money easily.

Waterproof Vinyl Decking

Waterproof Vinyl Decking

It is common for customers to ask why they should choose vinyl decking over wood or composite. So here are the answers:

  • The vinyl membrane enhances the value of any waterproofing project by providing protection from moisture and saving a lot of repair costs.
  • Suitable for wood substrates, and we can install them in a couple of hours.
  • Apply to nearly any surface like concrete with little or no preparation, and it can be installed in any weather condition.
  • It is designed for heavy foot traffic and tough weather conditions in Canada.
  • These vinyl deckings don’t require painting, and they can last long without peeling or any cracks.

DeckRite has a huge number of patterns and colors to give the best as per the customer’s requirements.  A distinctive anti-slip texture embossed our membrane, which is ideal for commercial projects.

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